Univeristät Wien Kinderbüro

Vienna University Children’s Office was implemented in 2006 as a non-profit academic spin-off company owned by the University of Vienna, which is the oldest university German language area, founded in 1365. Nowadays, it is also the biggest university in the area with almost 95.000 students enrolled and 10.000 staff, of which 7.000 are researchers.


Based on our initial experience with Children’s University as an innovative pilot initiative, Vienna University Children’s Office has gained recognition on national and international levels as a relevant actor in the sphere of science outreach and social engagement in a wider societal and institutional context. Since the beginning, we were operating on the interface between universities, science, arts and humanities – and society. Our main focus is to promote a positive attitude towards scientific careers at the earliest stage possible and help to overcome stereotyped notions – with a special focus on social groups that are currently underrepresented in science, in (higher) education, and in the societal dialogue in general.


Currently, we have 49 employed staff and a pool of approx. 50 continuous contractors from all relevant fields of experience and professional backgrounds.