Edulab Educational Exchange Pvt Ltd

Edulab Educational Exchange Pvt. Ltd. is an organisation that has been working for over a decade years in the education sector.Our team consists of 22 people from diverse background.


Our main activities are mainly focus on the internationalisation of universities and colleges in India. We do this by fostering international partnership via education programmes. But also via increasing the international student population via student exchange, like the Sino-Indian student exchange programme with the CPAFFC, and via a dedicated interactive online platform to recruit international students .


We also work on various governmental programmes like the BRIC Internship Scheme were we manage 40 Belgian post graduate for a three month internship. Or the “US English Access Program” and the “Social Entrepreneurship for Women” with the US State Department.


We are currently working on three different Erasmus + Capacity Building in the field of entrepreneurship and sustainability.